Om Saha Nav Avatu Saha Nau...

Om Saha Nav Avatu Saha Nau...

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Calligraphy is done with ink dip nibs and kalam on antique look handmade Egyptian Papyrus grass paper. This is original handmade artwork (no prints) and exclusive design. 

This mantra highlights the nature of student teacher relationship that produces ideal results for the student. The transference of mental, spiritual and intellectual energies can be achieved through a mutually nourishing relationship of mutual respect, joy of giving and receiving and absence of malice. The English translation is as done by Swami Abhedananda. English translation fails to convey the essence and fervor of the Sanskrit words but it is just the literal meaning.

Framing, location and positioning of the artwork magnifies and imparts its significance.

A great idea for your altar or a gift to the followers of truth.    

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