Calligraphy is done on handmade papyrus paper currently available only from Egypt. This paper has been known to last for more than 4000 years ( Click for research in Denmark) Writing is done using special inks only by hand with ink dip nibs or dressed bamboo reed’ to avoid smudging and the uncontrolled flow.    HOW THIS PAPER IS MADE (Click for video)

Every artwork is unique, exclusive and handcrafted only. ( no prints.)

Once the matter or verse is chosen, It sometimes takes a few days to conceptualize the design and compose the layout, Absolute care is necessary to write the matter correctly in the absence of backspace or delete functions.
Even a miniscule error makes the entire effort useless and the entire process has to be repeated until the correct delivery.

Flexibility of sizes, customization of subject matter and display options makes our products suitable for personal altars, display in your place of pride or devotional gifts.

The choice and order of calligraphy artwork in the layout does not construe any religious preferences. Each piece is created with full devotion.

 Interfaith heritage calligraphy verses are picked from the scriptures of various faiths.

We earnestly wish that our products disseminate peace and harmony.






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