Navkar or Namokar Mantra

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 The Ṇamōkāra mantra or Navkar Mantra is the most significant mantra in Jainism, and one of the oldest mantras in continuous practice. This is the first prayer recited by the Jains while meditating.

The mantra is also variously referred to as the Pancha Namaskāra Mantra, Namaskāra Mantra, Navakāra Mantra, or Paramesthi Mantra is no mention of any particular names of the gods or any specific person. The prayer is done towards the guṇa (the good qualities) of the gods, teachers and the saints. Jains do not ask for any favors or material benefits from the Tirthankaras or monastics. This mantra simply serves as a gesture of deep respect towards beings whom they believe are spiritually evolved, as well as to remind the people of their ultimate goal i.e. moksha (liberation).

Om  which is unconventional appearance radiates the effulgence around it.
Calligraphy is done with ink dip nibs on antique look handmade Egyptian Papyrus grass paper in size 12"x16" (30x40 cm). This is original handmade exclusive artwork (no prints).


Framing, location and positioning of the artwork magnifies and imparts its significance.

A great idea for your altar or a gift to the fellow devotees.     

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