About Us

 The artist belongs to Punjabi family of Sikh faith schooled in Vedic influenced Dayananda Arya Vedic (DAV) institution grew up in an environment cognizant of rich heritage of Gurbani, Vedic and Cosmic Chants.

Passion to emulate the ancient scriptures in their original appearance resulted in a unique style of calligraphy. 

Heritage Calligraphy started in 2021 with the ideal of providing hand made devotional verses from Vedas, Gurbani and Science of Kriya Yoga in a unique ancient style to inspire devotees and spiritual seekers. Our products originate in the spiritual lifestyle.


We are a senior couple owned small business currently in Ohio in the US, striving to work with high ethics and a spirit of joyful service. Everything we sell is handcrafted. We’ve enjoyed sharing our craft through in-person interactions thus far, but due to recent compulsions took it on-line. 

We at Heritage Calligraphy are grateful for your business and invite you to share with us your thoughts and comments about our effort. We look forward to provide a quality service targeted for Peace, Harmony and Happiness.

Beavercreek, OH 45440, USA