Mool Mantar Large Size

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Calligraphy is done with ink dip nibs and kalam on antique look handmade Egyptian Papyrus grass paper. This is original handmade artwork (no prints) and exclusive design.  This artwork depicts Mool Mantar or Fundamental Hymn which is said to be the first composition by Guru Nanak on enlightenment. 

It is enshrined at the beginning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and repeated a few times thereafter specifically at the beginning of each raag section of the hoy book.

Ek Onkar in its grander is impressed at the beginning of the artwork. Framing, location and positioning of the artwork magnifies and imparts its significance.

Supplied with Orange and Blue inserts to change background colors around Ik Onkar. 

A great idea for your altar or a gift to the followers of truth.    

Frames are shown for display only.