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Gurmukhi regarded as the Sikh script was standardized and used by the second Patshahi Sri Guru Angad Dev.  

Gurmukhi and numbers are written in the current form. The earlier version consisted of 35 alphabets but historical influences supplemented the use of 6 more derived alphabets (8th row of alphabets). 

Calligraphy is done on handmade papyrus paper currently available only from Egypt. This paper has been known to last thousands of years. Writing is done using special inks only by hand with ink dip nibs or dressed bamboo reed’ to avoid smudging and the uncontrolled flow. (Economic variant is also available using chart paper instead of Papyrus paper)

Every artwork is unique, exclusive and handcrafted only. ( no prints.)

Once the matter or verse is chosen, It sometimes takes a few days to conceptualize the design and compose the layout, Absolute care is necessary to write the matter correctly in the absence of backspace or delete functions. Even a miniscule error makes the entire effort useless and the entire process has to be repeated until the correct delivery.

Flexibility of sizes, customization of subject matter and display options makes our products suitable for personal altars, display in your place of pride or devotional gifts.

Framework is only for display purposes. Framing, location and positioning of the artwork magnifies and imparts its significance.

The great "Katha Vachak" Bhai Pinder Paul Singh recommends the display of the matter in every Gurudwara with the intention of connecting new generation to the roots.

This item is long lead item and is not readily available of the shelf. Please contact to ascertain the price and delivery period. 

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