O God Beautiful

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Paramahansa Yogananda narrates this experience at Carnegie Hall in New York, the music temple of America during April 1925 :-


“ One evening I started to chant “O God Beautiful” and asked the audience, who had never heard the song, to join me in chanting it. For one hour and twenty-five minutes, the thousands of voices of the entire audience chanted “ O God Beautiful” in a divine atmosphere of joyous praise. Even after I had left the stage, the audience sat on, chanting the song. The next day many men and women testified to God-perception and the healing of  body, mind and soul that had taken place during the sacred chanting, and numerous requests came in to repeat the song at other services”


This piece of calligraphy depicts the chant in English version of the SRF Chants. This chant has been sung by Guruji in Hindi/Bengali and appears as title ‘Hai Hari Sunder’ in YSS Chants.

Handcrafted on antique looking handmade papyrus grass paper and written with ink dip nibs 

This chant composed by Paramahansa Yogananda is created by a devotee with the aim to serve as a meditation aid.

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